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To find out more about an animal you see here please visit us at 6717 Kingston Pike or call 865-573-9675. For general questions please see our  Adoption FAQs.

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Tuesday-Sunday 12pm-6pm

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Sadie 731731 Sadie (2)

Sadie 731

Sadie is a 6-7 month old female Heeler mix.
Princess 730

Princess 730

Princess is a 5-7 month old female Terrier mix.
Mars 721721 Mars (2)

Mars 721

Mars is a 4 month old female Beagle mix.
Venus720 Venus (1)


Venus is a 4 month old female Beagle mix.
Snickers 720720 Snickers (2)

Snickers 720

Snickers is a 12 week old Terrier mix.
Oreo 719719 Oreo (1)

Oreo 719

Oreo is a 12 week old male Terrier mix.
Lindsie 718

Lindsie 718

Lindsie is a 6-7 week old female Boxer mix.
Stevie 715

Stevie 715

Stevie is a 6-7 week old male Boxer mix.
Savannah 702702 Savannah (2)

Savannah 702

Savannah is a 8-9 week old female Lab mix.


Shadow is a 10 week old male Terrier mix.
CatchBuddy (1)Buddy (2)Buddy (3)Buddy (4)BuddyBuddy (2)


Catch is a 3-4 year old male Chihuahua mix.
Chester 381Chester 381Chester 381 thumbChester 381Chester 381Chester 381Chester 381381 Chester (2)381 Chester (1)

Chester 381

Chester is a 7 year old male Terrier mix. Chester is a very kind and cuddly companion dog. He seems a little scared of bigger dogs and may not be ideal with cats. Chester is content to just sit next to you or in your lap. Do you have room in your heart and home for Chester? You won’t regret it. The cages and barking dogs stress Chester out so he is being house in our intake area. If you are interested in meeting him just let a staff member know and they can introduce you!
Rocky 384Rocky 384Rocky 384Rocky 384Rocky 384Rocky 384Rocky 384 thumb384 Rocky (6)384 Rocky (1)384 Rocky (3)384 Rocky (4)384 Rocky (5)

Rocky 384

Rocky is a 7 month old male mix. Rocky is an extraordinary dog who has overcome great odds! When he was just a couple of months old he was found by the side of the road and his finders desperately searched for somewhere to take him for fear he was injured or dying. HSTV took him in and sent him to our vets to be checked out. Rocky had meningitis and could not walk or stand on his back legs. For months Rocky underwent treatment and therapy to gain the use of his legs. He still has an abnormal gait but he does not let that slow him down! He loves to run and play! He would do best in a home with another dog that he can play with. If you are looking for a fun loving dog, Rocky is the dog for you. Visit him today and fall in love!
Sassy 642642 Sassy (3)642 Sassy (4)642 Sassy (6)

Sassy 642

Sassy is a 9-10 week old female Terrier mix.
Mia 727727 Mia (1)727 Mia (6)727 Mia (5)727 Mia (4)727 Mia (3)

Mia 727

Mia is a 1-2 year old female Chihuahua/Terrier mix.
LuckyLucky (8)Lucky (7)Lucky (6)Lucky (5)Lucky (4)Lucky (3)Lucky (3)_thumb


Lucky is an Australian Cattle Dog mix, he is about 3 years old. Lucky had a mom and dad that loved him very much, but when there circumstances changed abruptly, they reached out to HSTV in hopes of giving him a loving home. He has been an outdoor dog for a while, but made a very quick seamless adjustment to being an indoor baby. He has EXCELLENT house manners. He is potty trained, great in-home behavior, good with kids and other dogs. He does not fence run when cars, people, or dogs come by the house. He knows ‘Sit’ very well, and is learning more every day! Lucky seemed to have everything going for him, that is until HSTV did a standard heartworm test upon intake and found that Lucky has a heavy load of heartworms. HSTV has a medical fund just for dogs like Lucky, but unfortunately it is running low. Please donate today to help Lucky start treatment. Lucky is currently splitting his time between a foster home and the shelter if you want to meet him.
Honor 711711 Honor (2)711 Honor (1)711 Honor (3)

Honor 711

Honor is a 8-9 month old male Terrier mix.
Bella682 Bella (1)Bella (1)Bella (2)


Bella is a 9-10 month old female Hound mix. Special thanks to Susan Kohlstetdt Photography Susankohlstedtphotography.com

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