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To find out more about an animal you see here please visit us at 6717 Kingston Pike or call 865-573-9675. For general questions please see our  Adoption FAQs.

 Hours of Operation

As of July 1st:

Tuesday-Sunday 12pm-6pm

We are closed on Mondays.

Hammer 814814 Hammer (1)

Hammer 814

Hammer is a 8-10 week old male Setter mix.
Pearl802 Pearl (2)


Pearl is a 8-10 week old domestic long hair. Pearl is a petite and sweet girl! She can be cautious with you at first but after a few minutes, this quiet girl turns into a playful one!
ShamusShamus (2)


Shamus is a 8-10 week old male plott hound mix.
Ivory 800800 Ivory (1)

Ivory 800

Ivory is an 8-10 week old female domestic long hair. This gorgeous girl is looking for someone to spend some time with her. She can be a little timid but her sweet nature will capture your heart!
Spade 816816 Spade (2)

Spade 816

Spade is a 4 month old female domestic short hair.
Arlo 817

Arlo 817

Arlo is a 4 month old male domestic short hair.
Army 813813 Army (2)

Army 813

Army is a 8-10 week old male Setter mix.
Cruze 796796 Cruze (2)

Cruze 796

Cruze is a 1-2 year old male Beagle mix.
Carmine 809

Carmine 809

Carmine is a 1-2 year old male Pug mix.
Moose 779

Moose 779

Moose is a 8-10 week old male domestic short hair. This little guy is adorable. He can be a little shy sometimes, but he soon warms up to you and purrs to prove it!
HumphreyHumphrey (2)


Humphrey is a 2-3 year old male Chihuahua mix.


Priscila is a 10-12 week old domestic short hair. Priscilla is beautiful and full of personality! She loves people, so come by and meet her. She would love some petting or someone to play with!
Bullseye 803

Bullseye 803

Pokie 771

Pokie 771

Pokie is a 1 year old female Boston Terrier mix.
Ember 761

Ember 761

Ember is a 7 week old female Chihuahua mix.
Fred 781

Fred 781

Fred is a 9-10 week male Aussie mix.
Josephine 764

Josephine 764

Josephine is a 1-2 year old female Chihuahua.
LauraLaura (1)Laura (1)_thumb


Laura is a 6 month old female Beagle mix.
Sailor 775

Sailor 775

Sailor is a 7-8 week old male domestic medium hair. This cute little guy is very outgoing and ready to meet you! He likes to cuddle and play!
Elsa 776

Elsa 776

Elsa is a 7-8 week old female domestic medium hair. Elsa is a sweet and beautiful girl! She is a little shy, but after a few moments she snuggles right up to you!

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